Wednesday’s Where the Wild Things Grow

Enjoy some fun photos from my landscape and a fun fall flower arrangement. Last week was back to school for the kids, and with that I feel as if there was a change in seasons. It’s doesn’t really feel cooler or less humid, so it feels much like summer. The mark of fall isn’t for another month, but I still feel like something has changed.

Living in Wisconsin and Illinois, there are distinct hints to each season. In fall, the corn stalks turn from a lush green to a dried straw color; the soy fields shine golden in the late afternoon sun; and the earth smells musty. Gardeners and farmers spend much of the fall harvesting the fields before the real cold settles in. I love fall in the North.

Florida has season changes too; they are just more subtle. If you spend enough time outside and pay attention to these changes, you realize there are more than just summer and snowbird seasons. So open your senses this fall, and watch the flocks of birds passing through, listen to the insect noises change, and smell the change in the earth. It’s almost spiritual.

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