Composting Conscious Consumer

Composting take two

I bet you didn’t think I had more to say about composting, right? Composting doesn’t need to start in your backyard. It can begin in the store, and it may be a lot easier than you think. Shopping for goods that are compostable enable you to live a greener lifestyle. It starts a cycle that includes our gardens, ourselves, and our lifestyles.

Perhaps you already make some green choices. You bring canvas bags to the grocery store; maybe you hopped on the organic food trend; or you shop thrift stores to upcycle your wardrobe. Maybe you’re completely confused and unfamiliar with any or all of these terms. That’s okay. Either way, I challenge you to educate yourself and become a greener shopper. Let’s get started with compostable goods.

Did you know you can buy 100%  compostable K cups? You can purchase compostable plates, bowls, cutlery, napkins, tissues, sandwich bags – the list goes on. Cutlery can be made from 100% birch wood, or corn, reclaimed sugarcane pulp and wood scraps. Products can also be made from bamboo or bagasse sugarcane. These products can help reduce waste when you need convenience. Check out the link below for more products to consider changing in your life.

Compostable Products

Composting goods in restaurants

I was eating lunch in the Smithsonian and everything was compostable – the plates, the cups and the cutlery. Maybe your favorite coffee shop uses compostable take-out cups. Or your favorite restaurant uses compostable food storage containers. Maybe you don’t know. When you are out shopping, eating, travelling, see if you can identify compostable goods. Then if this matter to you make it known to the establishment!

Let’s get crazy!

Ok, by now, we’re probably already there. But we can take it further – compostable toilets. You’re probably thinking: Gross! That has got to smell! I was right there with you, but my husband wants to install one for our guest house bathroom. And I’ve agreed. After more research, composting toilets are worth thinking about given the right environment. The water it saves is amazing! Check out the link below to see what it means to take composting to another level.

How a compostable toilet works

Why shop green?

Why should we care about compostable goods? The simple answer: Caring about what we buy and where it comes from or, in this case, where it will end means we care about ourselves. How we treat the world around us reflects how we treat ourselves. If we have more trash, we have more landfills, which means less natural land. Though the landfill may appear to be a giant green mountain, it’s not natural. The more trash we have, the more garbage trucks needed to drive to pick up this trash, which means more exhaust into the air we breath. So just by changing one choice in our life, we can impact other choices to how we live our daily lives.

Every action we take affects our world. Let’s choose to love the earth and remember that our choices can change how we interact with nature. We may live in the concrete jungle, but that doesn’t make us any less a part of nature.

Living green can mean different paths for everyone. Below is a link that may help you find what works for you and your lifestyle. For the love of your garden, don’t just plant green, live green!

Living Green

Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.

~ Chief Seattle

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