Wednesday Wanderings: Inch Beach, Kerry Co., Ireland

Spoiler alert: This blog has absolutely nothing to do with gardening. Instead, this blog is about growing in an uniquely spiritual way with the waves.

In the past two weeks I’ve been doing some spectacular wandering in the UK and Ireland. I did take many plant photos and plan to share those photos in the near future, but it wasn’t the English roses or the European fan palm that made my trip. It was without a doubt surfing in the crashing waves surrounded by Ireland’s green mountains.

Being from Florida, I know it may seem crazy that I travelled to Inch Beach, Kerry Co., Ireland to take on my first surfing lesson, but that’s how my journey transpired. Enjoy some photos! I promise I ate my fair share of saltwater and looked less than graceful more than once. I also came away a changed woman. Even surrounded by many other surfers, there were moments when it was just me and the waves. It’s an experience like no other.

Thank you Kingdom Waves Surf School!

The full tale is soon to follow.

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