Traveling Thursdays: Discovering Gardening in London

Over 4,000 miles separates my home in Florida from London, yet the growing zones are quite similar. I was surprised to discover the unique plant environment in London. Umbrellas, rain coats and rain boots are a fashion statement in the United Kingdom (UK) for good reason. It rains nearly every days, which is lovely for plants. Then being surrounded by water, puts the growing zones between a 7 and 10.  (Florida ranges from an 8 to an 11.) You can find palm trees in the UK, though they have a distinctly different trunk. Tropical plants can survive outdoors even though the temperatures are vastly different. I traded 96 degrees Fahrenheit in Florida for 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit) in London. I felt as if gardening in the UK was a mix of plants in Florida and the plants I miss from the Midwest. It was a perfect garden for me.

I had the great pleasure to visit Kew Gardens in London. Some people travel to London to see the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace or Big Bend. And my family did get to these tourist attractions, but first we had to see all those beautiful plants. My children truly think vacation is all about photographing plants. Enjoy some of the photos from my trip to the UK!

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