End Modern Slavery: Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Courtesy of Pexels

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. So how do we start a conversation about sex slavery or forced labor? It’s an unpleasant topic revealing disgusting realities of women, men and children all over the world. It didn’t take much for me. I simply imagined my own beautiful daughters taken from me; their childhoods stripped away; and small children forced to do something that no human should have to endure. That was all I needed to decide I had to do something to save others from this unfair life.

Quick facts:

  • The most common form of trafficking is sex exploitation.
  • 20% of human trafficking victims are children.
  • 40.3 million victims are affected globally.
  • 36,270 human trafficking cases are identified on the national hotline.


Courtesy of Pexel

How you can help:

1. Become informed

The best choices are informed choices. Human trafficking is an uneasy topic. We all must first understand the issue, in order to make a difference or take action. Who is affected? Where is help needed? Where is this happening? Take a minute to read or listen about this issue. These people have had their lives stolen from them. Let’s give them a chance at life by understanding that this is a problem.

2. Pray

Everything is possible through God. Pray for the victims of human trafficking or pray for God’s guidance on how you can help.

3. Donate

You can send money to various organizations (e.g., Polaris; Bridging Freedom; Blue Heart) who help support action against human trafficking.

4. Volunteer

There are many levels to volunteer from awareness events to victim services. These volunteer options are probably closer than you realize.

5. Report

Report any suspicious behavior. You could save someone’s life.

6. Buy slave-free goods

Become a conscious consumer and buy goods where a percentage of proceeds go toward helping victims of human trafficking. In a recent post I included several options. You can also become informed on what not to buy, so that you don’t support forced-labor industries.

No matter where life takes you, sometimes we need to stop and realize what that life means to us. It means just as much to another. Give everyone a chance to live their life to the fullest.

The question shouldn’t be what we ought to do, but what we can do.






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