Music is Spiritual Poetry

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. ~ Victor Hugo

Music is a constant in my house. I enjoy a variety of music genres, but lately my radio is tuned to one artist: rapper NF. This past weekend I indulged in a concert with one of my best friends. NF has been a poet for my emotional life this year. Pause. Wait, Steph listens to rap? It may not seem to fit me, but, yes. I do. What kind of music did you think I was blasting in my ear buds while I wrote poetry? Rap music is beat poetry at it’s finest, and Nathan Feuerstein is a lyricist I’ve admired for a few years.

A few months after moving to Florida, a friend suggested I listen to Spirit FM. This is where I was first introduced to NF. I heard the song, I’ll Keep On. This song caught my attention not for me, but for someone else in my life who was struggling. I send people music all the time as a way to tell them, this is how I feel. It’s a lyrical Hallmark. Months later I was told to listen to, Can You Hold Me. Several months passed with many other artists filling my ear drums. Until this Fall when a friend introduced me to the song, Let You Down. From then on I was hooked. I’ve been playing NF non-stop for months. His connection to the emotional psyche is unreal. He found a way to take words and transform them into feelings. His words have made me cry; feel anger; and breath in hope.

What NF has reminded me about life:

  • Stay real.
  • Be yourself.
  • It’s okay to feel.
  • Give everything to God and trust.
  • Trust yourself.

My favorite NF songs:

Some people may think rap is just curse words and fast talking. It’s not always the beat that makes you feel the music; it’s the lyrics. NF may not be of your music taste, but don’t let that stop you from letting the music move you.


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