Look to the Sky for Serenity


Before I moved to my current home, my family rented a small condo on a golf course. While the two-bedroom condo became quite snug for our family of six, the view was stunning. My favorite time of year was the rainy season. I could watch storms move in across the sky. The sunsets were amazing. I had a camera always ready for my sky shots. The clouds painted like a well-trained artist many evenings.

Now I live in the Pineapple House – my Hawaiian pineapple yellow home with the Caribbean blue door. A blank slate that is transforming into a jungle retreat where I meditate to the sound of my backyard fountain. My sunsets were replaced by mangroves swaying with blue herons, night herons, squirrels and lizards. It’s no less beautiful, but I miss the angry clouds suddenly filled with soft pinks, blues and purples.


Now it’s my front living room window where all the magic happens. And it’s all about the sunrises. Thanks to my two-year-old, I’m up with the sun, and I find that the sunrise sings to my soul. The night’s darkness finds a new day, a new start and a glowing light to help get all that started. It’s a cup of tea in the early morning, standing barefoot in the chill. And it’s just as stunning as any sunset.

The sky is an infinite movie to me. I never get tired of looking at what’s happening up there. ~ K.D. Lang

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