Learning to Grow with a Puppy

My love for the flowers blossomed into this precious puppy.

Yup, I bought a puppy last week. Meet Orchid – my new writing and gardening buddy. She’s a 9-week-old German Shepard puppy. And I’m in love. I know, I know…where do I have the time to take care of a puppy with four small children, writing, gardening, PTO, and trying to forge a career? But I used a very reasonable mind while making this decision. (This was by far the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done. I usually process the fun out of so many things – this alone means I’m growing!)

Reasons why buying this puppy was a good idea:

1. I’m already potty training a 2-year-old. What is another accident in the house?

2. I’m not pregnant. Need I say more?

3. I grew up with German Shepards and have wanted one for years.

4. Kids love puppies. And I have a few of those.

5. Puppies love kids. I can provide a few of those.

6. And I’m pretty sure the Universe wanted me to have a puppy. There is no arguing with the Universe.

How this puppy will help me grow:

1. Patience. Much patience.

2. I will be reminded how to love unconditionally.

3. I may be persuaded to trade in a chore for some playtime once in awhile.

4. Puppies find joy in a shoe or chasing a child. It’s a good reminder to appreciate all those little blessings in life.

A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life things won’t be too bad. ~ Robert Wagner

3 thoughts on “Learning to Grow with a Puppy”

  1. I’m so glad you are understand the reason most people own dogs.
    She will be your biggest fan and love you unconditionally.
    Holler if you need anything !


    Liked by 1 person

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