Dear Mr. Repairman:

Nothing is ever wasted in nature. Every dead corpse is recycled as food for life; everything has its place and contributes to a very sophisticated balance in the system. ~ Giovanni Dienstmann

Photo provided by Pexels

Dear Mr. Repairman,

You ruined my garden. I appreciate all you’ve done in replacing my water heater for a more energy efficient water heater. This will save me money. This will help save the planet. Still, you killed my plant.

How did you not see the beautiful purple shrub I had planted? I feel as if I lost a precious treasure. I grieve for the new blooms that will not be, the roots that may still move underground, but have no branches to forge new leaves. There is an empty space where there was once life. The plant will live on as compost creating nutrients for it’s fellow neighbors, but that had not been it’s intentions. It was supposed to inspire beauty through it’s own soulful blooms. Yet, that can not be.

I do not ask you to replace my shrub. I merely ask that next time you look where your big boots step before installing a water heater because you could be squashing the soul of a poor defenseless plant that can not even scurry out of the way.

With a heavy heart,

A Mournful Gardener


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