Florida Gardening in March

March gardening:

This month has been busy! It started by celebrating my birthday and continued with exciting growth in gardening and life. As far as gardening goes:

  • I’m organizing Phase 2 with my school gardening project, which means buying more plants and exploring more local nurseries.
  • I’ve been asked to help design and plant two shade gardens, which means researching and expanding my plant dictionary.
  • A friend and I are launching a Mommy and Me Gardening Club for next month, which is a step to help educate the community about Florida gardening.
  • I’m considering opening a holistic healing and educational center with a community garden. This has been the most fun, but will be the biggest challenge. I found a property that I’m hoping will bring my vision to life.
  • As a tool to open my business, I enrolled in an intensive permaculture class!! I am beyond thrilled and just a tiny bit nervous.
  • You can also now find Learning to Grow in Florida on Instagram where I post fun photos of my yard and plants I experience throughout my day. (I had no idea that app was so popular!)

All of these projects are linked to my love for plants and my own growth. They are exciting, and I’ve learned so much during the month of March. And while all this was happening, I was still caring for my own yard and gardens. You can guarantee I was adding plants while I was exploring all those nurseries.

What is flowering:

SO much!

  • coral bean
  • hibiscus
  • Jamaican strawberry tree
  • lantana
  • orchids – my phalenopsis
  • marigolds
  • sweet potato vine
  • jasmine
  • milkweed
  • desert rose
  • moringa
  • mango
  • dwarf pomegranate

What to plant in the vegetable garden:

  • tomatoes
  • cantaloupes
  • watermelons
  • corn
  • pumpkins

Be sure to water. The temperatures are rising, which can dry the soil quickly.


Maccubbin, Tom. Month-By-Month Gardening Florida: What to Do Each Month to Have a Beautiful Garden All Year. Minneapolis, MN: Cool Springs Press, 2014.



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