Experiencing Permaculture

“You can solve all the world’s problems in a garden.” ~Geoff Lawton

If I don’t answer my phone; you don’t hear from me in awhile; or you’re talking to me and I’ve zoned out, it’s because I’m designing native gardens, water catchment systems and tiny homes in my mind.

The past two weeks I filled my brain with information from several disciplines as I explored the idea of permaculture at Koreen Brennan’s Farm. I believe I just left gardening heaven in the form of a garden summer camp. And it was magical!

I discovered micro-rhizomes, mycelium, edible weeds, design concepts, keyhole systems and much more. Originally, I had enrolled in this course to learn and organize concepts to use for my organic community garden and holistic healing center. I had no idea that I would walk away with far more than the expansion of my own plant knowledge.

Permaculture is a design, a lifestyle, a business model, and a state-of-mind. It’s a lifestyle that I’ve been living and craving to dive deeper into. Apparently, my tribe lives in this world. These people are me. They understand without explanation. They are open to innovative ideas and adventure at a depth I rarely experience. But something I don’t think I can live without. I think we just formed an intentional community by saying, “yes” to permaculture. And that’s only the beginning.

Though, we were sad to leave, we weren’t meant to stay there together. We are meant to inspire, support and encourage each other. We are meant to take that first step toward the unknown, to accept where we are, to trust, to understand each other, to be our own adventures, and to believe. We aren’t just certified to share our passions; we are meant to make our dreams a reality. Thank you, Koreen!


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