Growing in Life

Moving to Florida has been a life change that has been difficult, surprising, and a chance for me to embrace the woman I was meant to be. God has a plan for all of us. I’ve discovered that He has bestowed beautiful gifts for me to make mine happen. And most importantly, He’s surrounded me with people who are meant to support and encourage me through this journey.

Learning to Live What I Sell

Learning How to Say Goodbye

Learning What it Means to be a Co-Dependent

Learning How to Be a Minimalist – Accepting My Truth

Learning What it Means to be ‘Crunchy’

Learning to Be in My Own Company

Learning How to Communicate: Well

Learning to Deal with a ‘Marley and Me’ Moment

Learning Self-Love

Meet Kelli

Meet Stephanie

Meet Jessica

Meet Sydney

Learning to Dance in the Rain

Meet Lori

The Sisterhood Within- Women’s Soul Retreat

Learning to Let Go

Learning to Grow with a Puppy

Look to the sky for serenity

Music is Spiritual Poetry

Learning to Grow in Ireland

Growing in the UK

The water calls me, challenges me

Everything Gets a Little Dirty in the Garden – and in Life

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