Everything Gets a Little Dirty in the Garden – and in Life

Welcome to my Florida gardening blog! Before I get started, I want to admit I’m technology deficient. I believe my sister is astonished that I’m attempting to conquer the great unknown of the technology world. You know that friend who never answers their phone? Or that friend who doesn’t have Facebook? The friend who doesn’t know what an app is? That’s me. Now before you get all, “It’s the 21st century!” on me, I must explain. I have four young children. Need I say more? I do hope to grow it this avenue as well as in the dirt (or should I say sand? We are talking Florida.). I also hope to offer advice to fellow gardening emigrants to the Sunshine State and to share some of the experimenting and exploring I feel is necessary when gardening in the unique environment that is Florida.

The sunshine state offers a great deal for the avid gardener, but even an expert gardener from the North has to start as a beginner in Florida. It is a whole new world in gardening.

Moving to Florida has been life changing. It’s a whole new culture from the Midwest, where I originated. The people are different, the food is different, the weather is different and the landscape is different. And after four years living here, I can say I love it! The thing that won me over – gardening.

If you’re new to Florida or new to gardening, we can get our hands dirty in the art of growing a garden and perhaps in what gardening can offer when life gets a little dirty. Gardening in Florida has been at times overwhelming with so many different tropical plants, insects, diseases and such a dramatic change in weather. Life in Florida has at times also been overwhelming for me, and I’m exploring who I am in Florida and what that means for me in this crazy journey we call life. Gardening is my serenity. Please join me in that journey!