Meet the Gardener

Hi! My name is StephaniIMGP7920e.

My first gardening experience began with my mom. Honestly, I felt like all we did was weed, weed, and weed some more. Picking weeds between corn rows, snow peas and bush beans cultivated my creative mind in those hours of silence. And, though, to this day I spend a great deal of time preventing weeds, I have learned to appreciate gardening for the beauty it blossoms in my soul.

I have been gardening on my own for several years, dabbling in vegetables, fruit trees and herbs. My gardening world changed drastically when I moved from the Midwest to Florida. I fell in love – ALL that color ALL year around!

The more color, the better in my opinion. Bring on the bright hues! My Florida garden is full of a little bit of everything. I still grow vegetables, but have expanded to ferns, bromeliads, butterfly gardens, tropical plants and landscape greenery. My main interest is for a native, sustainable garden where my daughters can explore, and I can experiment and seek serenity.

Plants are living things and full of surprises. I feel like my garden can transform in a matter of days just like a human’s soul.