Monday Musings

Last Thursday marked the beginning of National Novel Writing Month. I began an epic fantasy novel five years ago. Recent new friends in my life have encouraged me to finish this dream, and I’ve decided to give myself the space to do so. I’m trading in blog writing this month for novel writing. Already five days in, I’d be happy to spend the month with my computer in a cabin the woods. My work, PTA meetings, and children won’t allow for that, but I WILL WRITE for one hour a day, and I’ll be happier for it. Below is a poem I sketched for a warm up writing exercise. If you would like to follow more of my poetry, I will be posting on my Instagram (steph_learningtogrowinflorida) and Facebook (Pineapple Acres) throughout the month. I will also sprinkle in excerpts of my novel for feedback and fun.

Until December,


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