Learning What it Means to be Crunchy



First, what is ‘crunchy’? (You may have also heard the term ‘granola’.) I know to who crunchy refers – liberal hippies. But, honestly, the connection makes absolutely no sense to me. I had to look it up.

By definition: Crunchy is someone who is politically and environmentally liberal.

I still don’t see the parallel to crunchy granola, so I searched deeper.

‘Crunchy mom’ came up. I cringed. I really dislike separation in parenting.

Parenting is hard. We need to stop judging each other and start supporting each other.

I have four daughters; I suffered through the unpleasantries of pregnancy; I gave birth naturally to all four; I have three school-aged girls. I get it. I am knee deep in play-dates, PTA, dance classes, homework, bedtimes, nutrition, vaccinations, crafts, playgrounds. Parenting is the most beautiful challenge any person can experience. So it was hard to look at that term: ‘crunchy mom’.

I didn’t have to click the link, I knew I was one of them.

Yes, I’ve been judged for having midwives welcome my children into the world; the cloth diapers I’ve used; the rags I reuse for everything; letting my children play in the dirt; and make their own clothes choices. I’ve heard it all.

And guess what? I make homemade granola that my children eat as a snack.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about this.

I live in the suburbs. Pretty far from crunchy. Oh, there are the urban hipsters. They wear expensive hippy-vibed clothes, and they like expensive organic foods that the true crunchies can’t afford. I’m so crunchy, I know how to grow my organic food. And you guessed it, I stand out. A lot.

Sometimes I feel like a conversational piece. Yet, I like being a natural, wild, woodsy woman.

There are many versions of crunchy. And you may be surprised to know there are others who are far crunchier than I.

Admission: I eat at McDonalds, and I actually like it. Most people are surprised that I eat meat. I tend to lean toward a more vegetarian diet, but guess what? I really like bacon. I have no problem with vegans, and most vegans are great cooks.  I’ve surprised others in the fact that I vaccinate my children. Don’t hate me for trusting doctors. My children also attend public school – I know, can you believe it? Yet, I can easily converse with the many homeschooling groups that move in this area.

And I’m happy being kinda crunchy.

I hold so much respect for those who are full on granola. I’ve had the pleasure to engage in some wonderful conversation about intentional communities, tiny homes (one day I’ll be there with you!), living off-the-grid, and having the courage to disengaged from society.

Because being crunchy is just a label.

I won’t be calling myself crunchy; though, I’m sure I’ve already been dubbed so behind my back. Because I’m so much more than a label. I’m me and that the only label I need.

“A truly confident person is someone who knows who they are and who they are not, and is happy just the same.” ~ Chris Armstrong

I am-1